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We are a company that creates new “objects” and “subjects”.

CFRP molding
Design/ Trial production /Mass production

For composite products using carbon fiber, etc., we provide high-quality products using autoclaves.
In addition, it is also possible to mass-produce large composite products by the resin infusion method.
We also develop matrix resins in-house as needed.

Consignment business for industrial products

Contract development of industrial products is another main business of our company.
We will propose a mechanical design of the movable part that takes into consideration the manufacturing method and the selection of the most suitable materials.
In addition, we will propose a competitive product by proceeding with the design while considering the patentability of the mechanism, structure, and materials.

Company Profile

Company name INDEX Inc.
Location 1-3-16 Chikkou Minato-Ku Osaka-City Osaka Japan
Phone +816-4395-7676  Fax +816-4395-7677
Established July 25, 2002
Banks Osaka Shinkin Bank , UFJ Bank
CEO Hiroto Uenaka
1987-91 In charge of advanced composite material development at Ciba-Geigy Co,. Ltd.
1991-94 In charge of racing car development
at Dome Co., Ltd.  
1994-98 Participated in establishment of automobile design department at KingPin Co,. Ltd.
1998 Established Advanced Creatives
2002 Established INDEX Inc.
(Company name changed due to incorporation)