We Index Inc is designing and prototyping products mainly using carbon fiber materials.
We transform customers’ various requests into ideas and create products. However, there are various constraints to this process.
So we decided to eliminate constraints as much as possible and bring to the world original products that are true to what we want.
We are constantly creating innovative products by freely useing carbon fiber. The workshop is like a carbon paradise! !


Let’s create what you want, what doesn’t exist in the world!
Please feel free to contact us!
We will definitely respond to your requests.




Life is fleeting. But products made with soul will remain.
I believe that the more soul I put into it, the longer it will last.


For example, a car. When a new model comes out, you switch to it…it has more equipment and more power.
It is good, is not it?When it’s dangerous, it will take control on its own. . .
But don’t you think that the distance between things and people is getting wider and wider?


I chose to stay with one buddy for a long time while updating !
Things like replacing slightly worn-out parts with high-quality materials or making them lighter and easier to handle.
Familiar, but always a little new.


I will continue to create products for customers who want to interact with such things.


Hiroto Uenaka , the CEO and CTO.


Design and production of
carbon fiber products

Carbon fiber is a lightweight and high-strength material, but it is important to pursue the optimal shape and structure when designing and manufacturing products, which requires a high level of technical ability.
We have unique technology and know-how to maximize the properties of carbon fiber, and create products with attention to detail.

Towards the realization of
higher performance products

The essence of our manufacturing is the pursuit of product functionality.
Creating products using lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber is not just a matter of reducing weight by replacing materials.
By making full use of technologies such as FEM analysis, we aim to create products that improve performance as much as possible.

Updateing worn-out items with carbon fiber

When replacing parts of a car you’ve been driving for a long time, it’s good to use genuine parts, but you might also want to upgrade it with the carbon fiber parts we provide.
I’m sure new excitement will be born! !