hiroto stile®

A lifestyle with high-style carbon products

We Japanese are a bit strict, aren’t we? However, we have a wonderful manufacturing culture.


We also have wonderful techniques in lacquerware, bamboo crafts, and ceramics. Of course, it is a technique of making things by hand.
Could making things using carbon fiber become a traditional craft? Hiroto Stile was created with this idea in mind.


All products are finished by careful handwork one by one.
However, the material is cutting edge technology.
We are also confident in its functionality.


Unique and playful products made from carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is often used in industrial products, but its lightness and strength can be incorporated into furniture and accessories to create truly unique products.
In this era where originality is sought after, why not add color to your lifestyle with individually handmade carbon fiber products?

ABOUT hiroto stile®

High quality and unique presence.

Furniture and accessories that use cutting-edge technology and are particular about every curve.
Bringing carbon fiber closer to you.


STRUZZO (Counter chair)

Delfino (Siesta chair)


maschietta (Clutch bag)

CHIOMA (Money clip)

CURVO (Glasses case)

SCUDO (Attache case)

CARINO (Shoehorn)

FIGURINA (Card case)


Rocket stove

Rocket stove & Pizza oven