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PORCOROSSO is a vehicle brand from INDEX Inc.
Damn marketing! !
So, we are embodying what we want.
What we value most when manufacturing is the time axis
of the product.

Mass production and mass consumption became the norm,
and we always felt uncomfortable.
In the first place, is it like changing a car every four years?
It’s old, so replace it with a new one…
It’s different after all…

A father’s beloved car is handed over to his son.
His son takes over the car and envisions his future life as an adult.
I always imagine such a scene.

The PORCOROSSO B-010, which is a modified 986 Boxster, it is the image leader of our company, which is based on such commitment.
The 986 Boxster was the driving force behind Porsche’s management crisis.
Isn’t there a lot of people who say that the first PORSCHE is 986 BOXSTER?
Therefore, I think there were many individuals in different circumstances from PORSCHE until then.
Since it is the first water-cooled Flat6, there are many weak points, but the background is still PORSCHE.
Like the air-cooled Flat6 before that, it is a PORSCHE that can continue to ride for a long time and distance.
The B-010 is an updated version of the 986 Boxster that we think of.

PORCOROSSO has no boundaries in its field of activity.
The field is where we want to go, land, sea, and air.
Think you want something like this?
If so, please feel free to contact us.

We may be able to help you implement it.